• Designed to keep your family on the same page.


Designed to keep your family on the same page.

Hi! We're the Mousetis family.

We made time for our family again.

For way too long we felt like we were just surviving life at home as a family, and not thriving as a family. On the other hand, as small business owners, we had all sorts of tools in place to plan, execute, grow, and stay organized as a business! But then we would come home, and instantly life felt scattered again. Why wasn’t there something to help keep our family intentional, organized and simple? And out of that realization, and frustration, the Family Plan Calendar was created.

Just What I Was Looking For!

Love this calendar and it's exactly what I was hoping for to keep our family organized on a weekly basis. It's perfect for my kids to look at to see what's for dinner or what activities we have planned for the week. Now they don't always have to ask me these things but can look on the wall and see it all at a glance! The layout is great, the extra spots for prayers and thankfulness are awesome, and I love the large size! Yay!!

Rachel M.

Game Changer!!

So far it’s been a huge success and game changer! The entire family is loving it!

- Kim S.

Super! 5 Stars!

We are loving the Family Plan calendar - it's been a great addition to our household of 6, and we are all enjoying our weekly "meeting" to plan our week/write out the calendar, and then following it throughout the week. Thanks!

Kaylee H.

Love This Calendar!

This calendar has been great for our busy family of 5! We have sports almost every night and this has helped us all to be on the same page with the plans for the week. I also love having the spot for the word of the week and my boys like to come with their idea for this for each week. Get this calendar, you won’t be sorry!

Christa C.